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Hi, I’m Daniel. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know more about me. I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been doing what I love as a Pet Care Professional since 2001! After graduating from the University of Wisconsin I worked for 8 years as Head Teacher of 3rd-graders at St Anthony-New Brighton School District 282, Minneapolis, in the Extended Day Program, May of 1992 to October of 2000.

Although it was some of the most important work I’ve done, after a number of years I realized a greater need to combine my love for dogs while partnering with families in caring for their pets. Over two decades, I’ve worked with the best owners I could hope for and hold the fondest of memories in my heart for many dogs. Want to hear directly from my previous customers? There’s no better way to gain that initial trust, and I’ll gladly provide their information at a moment’s notice.

I’ll leave you with a quote that best describes my work philosophy. “In Hawaiian, you don’t call yourself your pets Owner, you are their Kahu. Kahu has many meanings. Among them: guardian, protector, steward, beloved attendant. Basically someone entrusted with the safe-keeping of something precious, something cherished. What a Kahu protects is not their property. What they protect is a piece of their soul.”


Remembering my faithful companions.


If you value having one loving Pet Care Professional to rely on who is dependable, has bonded with your dog and will communicate with you quickly and with honesty and professionalism, this service is for you. My greatest responsibility is looking out for your dogs safety, so leashes are always secured with back-up collars and leash-to-collar extenders. 

I check surface temperatures by feel, and adjust to alternate ares to walk, like those that are shaded or light-colored or simply walk them much earlier in the day or later in the afternoon.

I spot potential dog conflicts, and take measures to avoid them. I can diagnose dehydration, and administer first aid and CPR. I value customer service, and when you have a request, it’s me you’ll speak to and you will know at the end of our call, that I understand your concern and we will have a plan to make it right. I’ll be the only one caring for your dogs, so aside from you and your family, I’ll know them best which is something you are unlikely to get with the parade of walkers typical of other care services.

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