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Dog Walking

Come fair weather or storm, we’ve been through it all. Here I am back in Minneapolis with the pack in the winter of 2023 where I had my business for 22 years. Exercising and canine socializing are essential to a dog’s well-being, and whether yours needs a slower pace or something extra, there’s a customized plan waiting just for you.

Dog Sitting

Leave town assured that everything is taken care of. Up to 3 visits per day are offered with alternating of lights on the first level and mail and packages brought in daily, giving your home the appearance of being occupied. Water bowls are refreshed following walks and meals are provided daily per your instruction.

Dog Training

Is your dog jumping up on guests, pulling ahead on walks, or showing signs of separation anxiety? I’ll get to the root causes and provide alternative choices, shaping new behaviors with positive reinforcement. Set your dog up for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable adventures at your side.

Dog Taxi

Stuck at work or at an event or delayed with travel? Chellawags will fetch and drop your dog to and from it’s Vet and Grooming appointments in a reliable, safe, and timely manner. Please give a two day’s notice in advance for this service.

Aside from dog care, my most requested service while you are out of town is cat sitting, but rest assured that I’ll care for all critters in your home. Memories of favorite visits include cats, guinea pigs, and even aquarium fish. Yes, they too get excited when they see me coming. This service can be yours as a regular client using my services for dog care.

Other Information About Your Service.

Proudly serving the neighborhoods of Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Rancho Mirage

Consultation Ready

Please be ready to show all pertinent medical history including vaccination records, proof of flea and tick treatments, and an alternate emergency contact number. Towards the end of our meeting, your desired schedule is reserved, and you can show the locations of dog food, leashes, extra bags, any dietary supplements and medications.


See all policies in the policy page including Rate Changes, Insufficient Funds and Cancellations.

Service Hours: 8 AM – 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday.
Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

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