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If you don’t see your question listed below feel free to contact me.

Consultations are complimentary, last about a half-hour, and are held at your home so I can meet your pet where I’ll be working with him or her. We’ll go over the paperwork that I’ll need to have for my files, locate where pet care-related supplies are kept, and discuss any other helpful information for our walks.

Call or use the contact page to reserve your time. Please include your cross street, your dogs approximate weight and the schedule you would like.

Yes, please have an emergency contact ready for our meeting along with your dog(s) vaccinations records, and be prepared to talk about your pet’s health history and routines. Also please have a
key or lock box code ready to provide me with.

When coming into your home for the first time, I’ll greet you and briefly acknowledge your dog using it’s name. I’ll sit down and engage in conversation with you, avoiding eye contact, letting him or her approach me on their terms. With your permission I will treat and briefly praise and continue on speaking with you.

I will provide proof of current pet sitters insurance, and references. These are your best resources for speaking directly with my customers in verifying honesty in how I have described my work history throughout the years. I will show you a few training tips for one of the basic commands that I incorporate in to each walk, and I will show you my interaction with your dog so as to begin forming a happy and positive bond with him or her.

The range of times that people request service goes from once in a while to every day. Chella Wags offers unbeatable flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule. Some use my services Monday through Friday, and some commit to part-time schedules including any combination of the days of the week. However, please note that you’ll need to commit to at least two days per week in order to have a regular spot held for you.

No worries. A simple phone call or text required 24 hours in advance of your scheduled walk will suffice to ensure that you won’t be charged for that day. See my policies page to learn more. You will be credited for the amount already paid for that service.

Yes! Flexibility continues in your favor with ease of adding a service at short notice. Having me as your one and only walker ensures that you can reach me quickly and be covered for last minute requests like being stuck at the office or just wanting to go out for a bite or drink after work. I can get your dog his or her dinner and that extra evening walk and you can count on a wagging tail when you return home.

Your dog will never be forced to walk with other dogs that aren’t welcoming to him or her, and I watch for conflicts with neighborhood dogs before they become a problem. Careful consideration of needs relating to hydration, shade and avoidance of hot surfaces during the summer months is top priority. I use back up collars and leashes are always secured and never
dropped. I also know how to check vital signs and administer CPR and first aid. And, lastly, I carry emergency contact numbers for you and your pets Vet and after-hours clinics with me at
all times.

I’ll strive to earn your trust up front, and encourage you to check my references. These individuals and families have entrusted me with their beloved pets, some for over the entire span of their lives from puppy to passing. They are happy to speak with you to address all of your concerns. References are a great value to my business, as through word-of-mouth from grateful clients I continue to improve customer service.

Chella Wags is registered and fully ensured with Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. You will be shown proof of that current registration. I am trained in pet first aid and CPR and will discuss techniques used to asses condition and administer treatment. I am certified with NAPPS the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters certification course with training in pet care, health, nutrition and behavior, business management, and pet safety.

When you call for pet sitting you can leave town with peace of mind knowing I’ll take in mail and packages, and alternate lights per your instruction so that the house appears occupied. I’ll also care for your cat(s), including litter box cleaning. With my taxi service, I’ll fetch and drop from groomers, vets, training classes, and wherever else your pup needs to go. I also offer play-dates which are essential for your dogs well-being, so let your them play and run wild with their pals. Saturdays work great for this, but special 2-hour evening trips during the week can also be arranged.

You’ll receive a text when we’re done with our walks letting you know the job is complete and any other concerns worth mentioning. Some of those concerns may include if they went both, if they were fed, and anything out of the ordinary relating to their health and general mood. I love to include fun photos and videos too.

I accept cash, personal check, bank transfer, debit and credit card payments. If you are on a regular schedule, you will be invoiced electronically one week before end of the month and have a week to get your payment in by the first day of the next month for which you are being billed. Any additions or cancellations are kept track of and applied to the next billing cycle. For per-occasion customers, payment for the requested days is due in full before the start of service.
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